Difference between AC charger and DC charger

AC chargers are divided into single-phase AC chargers and three-phase AC chargers, which control the input of AC power to the electric vehicle, and then convert into DC power to charge the battery by OBC on the vehicle. Due to the OBC volume, the power is relatively small, generally not more than 22KW, and the charging speed is relatively slow.

The DC charger can convert the AC into DC, and directly charge the battery, so the volume is not limited. The maximum power of the PNE's DC charger can reach 360kW, which can realize ultra fast charging.

Whether all chargers support OCPP or other customized background

In addition to portable chargers, other chargers can support ocpp1.6 and customized background connection

Advantages of energy storage with charger

Energy storage is suitable for places with large difference between peak and valley electricity prices. It can store electric energy at night and release electric energy during the day.

In addition, the energy storage system is also suitable for the places where the expansion of the transformer is limited. Without the expansion of the power grid, the energy storage system can increase the output power and meet the demand of high-power charging.

What are the start charging methods for PNE’s charger?

The PNE’s charger supports plug and charging mode, alternate charging mode, scheduled start charging, swipe card charging and manual start charging.

What are the ways to stop charging in PNE’s charger?

The charging is automatically stopped when the charging time is reached, the charging is stopped when the set amount is reached, the charging is stopped when the set amount is reached, and the charging is stopped when the set time is reached. Triggering a fault also stops charging.

What is the protection level of outdoor charger?
At least IP54 shall be met
Can the charger of PNE realize remote monitoring and upgrading?
The charger of PNE can be connected to the independently developed background, which can monitor the charging state remotely and upgrade remotely.
How to select a suitable charger?

First, make sure whether there is an AC or DC inlet on the electric vehicle. If there is no requirement for charging speed and the price should be cheap, you can buy an AC charger, otherwise, we will recommend DC charger. According to the battery capacity of the vehicle, we can further determine the maximum power of charging, such as the battery pack’s capacity is 100 kwh. The user hopes to be fully charged within half an hour. We will recommend a 240kw charger. According to different countries, we have European standard, US Standard and CHAdeMO standard chargers to choose from. If customers want to install quickly and save floor space, we recommend small container charger.

Please contact our engineers for details and we will provide you with perfect solutions.

How to realize the total power limit of the charging station
When the total power of the charging station is set in the background, the background will automatically distribute power to all chargers to ensure that the total power will not exceed the limit. When the charger is idle, only the standby power (10% of the rated power) is reserved, and the remaining power will be evenly distributed to other chargers. This adjustment is dynamic.
Can the PNE’s charger be customized

Yes, you can customize the appearance, logo, line length and background connection.

Is large current charging safe?
The PNE’s DC charger has a perfect fault protection mechanism, such as insulation detection, ground fault detection, over temperature detection, door opening detection and EPO shutdown, which can ensure the safety of large current charging. In addition, the BMS on the vehicle will also monitor the state of the battery at any time, and can issue a shutdown command at any time to ensure the safety and reliability of the charging process.
What is the maximum power of the PNE's DC charger? What is the maximum power of a small container?

The maximum power of the DC fast charger is 360kw, and the maximum power of the small container is 480kw.

Does the PNE’s charger have its own independent background and how much is the usage fee?
If customers do not have their own back ground, they can choose the PNE’s background, which can also realize remote monitoring, upgrading, commercial operation and other functions. Now you can use the background system for one year for free when you buy the charger. After one year, you can consult the marketing personnel to understand usage fees.
What are the payment methods of the PNE’s charger’s commercial operation
The PNE’s charger supports three payment methods, VISA credit card, IC card and wechat applet.
Whether the PNE’s charger has relevant certification for export

The PNE’s charger has obtained export certification. The European standard DC charger and AC charger have obtained CE certification, the US Standard and CHAdeMO standard charger have obtained UL certification.

Whether the charging module is easily damaged
The charging modules inside the PNE’s DC charger adopts the potting process, and the device is protected by sealant, which can effectively prevent dust, moisture and corrosion, and is suitable for harsh working environment.
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