CCS2 Three-phase AC Charger
     1. Record charging information in real time, predict faults and reduce losses. Remote diagnosis, remote upgrade, reduce operating costs.

2. High protection grade, IP54, suitable for harsh environment

3. Obtain the strictest CE certification of TUV, Germany, and optimize it in combination with the local electrical safety standards in Europe.

4. Support OCPP1.6, with high background communication compatibility

Input Power connection 3P+N+PE
Input voltage AC 400V±10%
Grid frequency 50Hz±10%
Output Output voltage AC 400V±10%
Rated output current 32A / 32A+32A
Rated output power 22kW / 44kW
General Output plugs Single plug / Double plugs
Charging interface IEC62196-2 CCS2-Type
Plug cable length 5m
Interface Language English / Chinese
IP level IP54
Communication OCPP1.6
Ambient temperature -20℃~+60℃
Installation Wall mounted or floor stand