PNE-Global launched a series of new EV charging products at Power2Drive Europe 2023

2023-06-15 03:56

    From June 14th to 16th , 2023, Power2Drive EUROPE 2023 was grandly held at the Munich Exhibition Center in Germany. It was jointly organized by Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH & Co. KG and Solar Promotion GmbH to promote the electric vehicle industry and charging technology.


    Power2Driver EUROPE mainly exhibits traction batteries, charging infrastructure/charging stations, electric vehicles,others (materials, powertrains, components, mobility services), grid infrastructure and renewable energy integration solutions.


    As a supplier of EV bus charging products and solutions in Northern Europe, PNE-Global has a brand new 27-inch LCD advertising charging pile and a variety of products to appear in this exhibition, competing with outstanding companies in the new energy vehicle industry from all over the world.


    1. Full-scenario charging pile products, covering a full range of hardware and software solutions.

    PNE-Global has focused on the field of high-power DC fast charging technology for electric vehicles for many years, using technology to innovate the development of the energy industry, and providing a full range of products and services for global industry customers.

     At the Power2Drive EUROPE site, PNE-Global exhibited all products in the field: Prime high-power charging pile series to field monitoring and real-time update software. After the products were exhibited, industry customers were attracted to the exhibition area for consultation and negotiation.

    The most eye-catching part of the Prime series is the commercial DC charging pile with a 32-inch 1080p LCD screen, which meets the Outdoor IP54 specification 30 kW to 300 kW, support OCPP1.6 or 2.0 (certified by the third-party certification unit AMPECO), and support remote system monitoring and real-time software update. Adopt independent air duct heat dissipation technology, high protection level, strong reliability, and maintenance-free characteristics, especially suitable for various harsh charging environments such as sandy dust, coastal areas, and high humidity.

    2. Product certification and large-scale application.

    Facing the needs of customers in the global market, Pacesetter New Energy has its own core technology, and is strong in product certification and large-scale application. Many product series have passed the certification of overseas authoritative organizations.

    Products that have obtained European standard TUV CE certification and TUV Rheinland cTUVus certification include high-power DC fast charging IP54 series 30 kW to 360 kW charging pile series products, among which Prime Series — Fleet DC Charger charging pile, this product has won the unanimous approval of international customers recognized.


     As an early domestic enterprise that deployed charging pile business in overseas markets, PNE-Global has carried out strategic cooperation with many Nordic bus companies and charging operators and other customers to achieve End-to-End services in terms of delivery and after-sales experience, With rich experience in successful large-scale commercial application of overseas projects, it has withstood product stability verification in various harsh application environments in different countries, and has become the most reliable charging pile supplier for overseas charging pile companies and operator customers.