PNE participates in the eMove360 ° Europe2023 exhibition

2023-10-17 17:12

    The eMove360 ° Europe2023 exhibition in Munich, Germany was held from the 17th to the 19th of Oct. At the exhibition, PNE released a new generation of European standard DC charger and large screen commercial DC charger. We have upgraded the existing chargers, improved the user experience, and gained the love of the users.

    Firstly, we have added damper and fixed pulley on both sides of the charger, which make it more labor-saving for users to use charging plugs. Secondly, we have upgraded the socket of the charger, which makes inserting and withdrawing the charger plugs more convenient. Thirdly, we have added charging status display lights on both sides of the charger, resembling two lightning bolts, allowing customers to directly observe the status of the charger on both sides. Finally, we have upgraded the dust screen, which can now be directly replaced without remove screws.